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Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

In today’s digital age, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. With Vertex360’s cutting-edge role-based access control system, you can rest assured that your organization’s security and privacy are in safe hands. Our robust system empowers you to meticulously assign roles and permissions to every employee, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to confidential information.
Fine-Tuned Permissions
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Vertex360 lets us set granular permissions. Need someone to view participant records but not edit them? Done!
Final Verdict
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Vertex360’s Roles and Permissions feature is our backstage pass. Not perfect, but close enough

Granular Access Control

Take full control over who can access what within your organization. Vertex360 allows you to define precise access levels for each employee, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Tailored Access

Customize access levels based on individual roles and responsibilities. Whether it’s managers, support workers, or administrators, you can tailor access permissions to align with specific job functions, ensuring that each employee has access only to the information relevant to their duties.

Primary Portal and Frontline Portals

Vertex360 provides two separate portals: the Primary Portal, tailored for administrators and managers, and the Frontline Portal, specifically designed to meet the needs of frontline support workers. Role-based access control mechanisms restrict access to confidential data, safeguarding participant privacy and organisational confidentiality. This ensures compliance with NDIS regulations regarding data protection and privacy.

Data Confidentiality

Protect the privacy of participant data and organisational information with ironclad security measures. Vertex360’s role-based access control, coupled with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), ensures that sensitive data remains confidential, giving you peace of mind knowing that your organisation’s data is protected against unauthorised access.

Compliance Assurance

Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards effortlessly. Vertex360’s role-based access control, combined with features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and AWS Australian-based cloud servers, safeguards your data and minimizes the risk of penalties and legal ramifications.
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