Vertex 360


What does the participant onboarding bar suggest?
The participant onboarding bar in Vertex360 suggests the progress of onboarding participants. It visually displays the percentage completion based on mandatory forms required to maintain compliance with NDIS regulations.

Yes, only the permitted person can modify the form.

Through the Applicant tracking system, the team can monitor the applications submitted by participants, conduct phone screenings, send interview requests, and much more.

There is a separate portal for workers, where a worker can manage all the assigned participants, upload documents, update policies, and record feedback and complaints.

Vertex360 strictly adheres to privacy laws and does not share participant’s data without their consent.

Vertex360 ensures participant data security by relying on AWS servers, known for their advanced security protocols, to encrypt and protect data.

Vertex360 centrally manages complaints so providers, managers, and workers remain informed, allowing for efficient documentation, tracking, and timely resolution.

Vertex360 consolidates various NDIS management tasks into a single platform, providing an “All in One Place” solution for NDIS needs.

Vertex360 is flexible and can often integrate with other systems like Xero for seamless data export and workflow creation.

Vertex360 simplifies participant onboarding with digital tools such as gathering information, making the process more efficient and paperless.
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