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Participant Management

Participant Management

Vertex360’s robust Participant Management module is designed to streamline your participant management processes and enhance overall efficiency. With a range of powerful sub-features, this module empowers you to deliver exceptional support and care to every participant, ensuring a smooth experience from onboarding to ongoing support.
Enhancing Participant Care
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As a support worker, I rely on Vertex360 daily to streamline my tasks and provide personalised care to participants. Its user-friendly design and robust functionality make it a valuable tool for managing support plans and coordinating services. A game-changer for NDIS providers
Transforming Service Delivery
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Vertex360's has simplified our administrative tasks and improved our service delivery. The ability to securely store participant information and track progress in one centralised system has been instrumental in enhancing our efficiency and effectiveness. Thank you, Vertex360
Efficient Participant Management
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Vertex360 has transformed our participant management process! With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, we can efficiently track participant data and ensure compliance with NDIS regulations. Highly recommended

Participant Onboarding

Vertex360 transforms the participant onboarding journey. Our user-friendly platform simplifies every step of the onboarding process, from onboarding participants to developing their support plans to collecting their essential documents, all can be done within Vertex360. With Vertex360, you can get digital signatures, complete all forms digitally, and send them electronically as desired.

Participant Listing

The participant listing feature gathers all your participants in one place, allowing you to manage them efficiently. Additionally, Participant listing provides a clear view of important participant information, including their contact information or assigned workers. It also allows you to filter by active/inactive participants, alphabetical sorting, and joining dates.

Participant Support Plans

Participant Support Plans in Vertex360 empower your team to deliver personalised support tailored to each participant’s unique needs. Our innovative feature automatically generates support plans based on information captured in initial assessment forms, ensuring seamless customisation. Easily create, update, and monitor individualised support plans, from goal-setting to progress tracking. With Vertex360, participants receive the care and attention they deserve.


Vertex360 offers a simple but powerful feedback function, allowing support workers and team members to provide confidential input on participants, colleagues, or challenges encountered in their roles. This feedback is accessible only to managers or administrators, facilitating prompt decision-making to enhance service delivery.

Risk Management

Mitigate risks effectively with our comprehensive Participant Risk Management module. Identify potential risks, assess their impact, and implement proactive strategies to protect your business. Vertex360 has a directory of risk assessments that is growing daily based on real-life scenarios.

Appointment Setting

With Vertex360’s intuitive interface, scheduling and managing participants’ appointments becomes effortless, allowing for efficient coordination and optimal use of time.

Document Management System

Never lose a document again! With Vertex360’s Document Management System, you can store, organize, and securely access participant-related documents in one centralized system. Avoid accidental deletion of files and manage document access levels at your fingertips, streamlining document management processes and ensuring easy retrieval when needed.

Funding Management

Vertex360 enables you to efficiently allocate and track funding, optimising financial resources and ensuring transparent expenditure management for enhanced financial sustainability. 

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