Vertex 360

Participant Listing

The participant listing feature brings all your participants in one place, you can filter active/ inactive participants or sort them alphabetically or by their joining dates. Provides quick view of participant’s important information, contact information, and assigned workers.

  • Unparalleled Data Security

    Our state-of-the-art security measures protect your data from potential threats. We rely on AWS servers, known for their advanced security protocols, to encrypt and protect your data. Knowing your information is strongly defended against breaches and unauthorised access, you can have peace of mind.

  • Peace of Mind

    Our robust legal contract ensures that your data is fortified with an extra layer of protection. This contract is carefully crafted to outline the specific measures to safeguard your data. It serves as a legal assurance, reinforcing our commitment to the highest data protection standards and ensuring that your information is legally protected and secure.

  • Trust and Reliability

    In the NDIS industry, your participant information is of paramount importance to you. The last thing you want is to have this information compromised. Join countless businesses that trust Vertex360 for their NDIS data security needs.

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