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Human Resource Management

The days of spending hours performing the hectic manual work are over. Modernise your HR and build a system that digitalises your work and helps you get rid of old-fashioned paperwork. Manage your hiring, onboarding, employee performance management, NDIS HR compliance and HR workflows in one place.
Efficient HRM
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Vertex360’s HRM module simplifies employee management. From onboarding to performance tracking, it’s a valuable tool.
Streamlined HR Processes
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Vertex360’s HRM module ensures compliance, payroll accuracy, and seamless leave management. A game-changer for our team.
HR Made Easy
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Vertex360’s HRM module handles recruitment, training, and employee records effortlessly

Applicant Tracking System 

Simplify the hiring process with an efficient tracking system, streamlining recruitment and onboarding. Never lose track of applications again, as Vertex360 centralizes all resumes and applications in one accessible location. Efficiently manage and record the entire interview procedure, ensuring that valuable information is securely stored and readily available when needed.

Staff Onboarding

Staff onboarding with Vertex360’s HRM feature ensures efficient compliance with NDIS requirements. Centralize screening documents, track mandatory documents with set expiry dates, and streamline the entire onboarding process from employment agreement signing to document screening. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to effortless efficiency with Vertex360.


Frontline Portal

Vertex360 offers a dedicated portal for frontline staff. Through this portal, workers can access their personalized dashboard to view assigned participants, manage documents, submit feedback, and handle complaints effortlessly.

Staff Skill Metrics and Traits

Gain insights into employee skills, facilitating strategic talent management and development initiatives. You can capture and manage essential worker traits, creating a comprehensive profile for effective team management.

Staff Training Registers

Vertex360’s Staff Training Registers simplify the challenging task of tracking staff training, ensuring strict adherence to NDIS regulations and the maintenance of a highly skilled workforce. With NDIS compliance at the forefront, Vertex360 centralizes all training records digitally, eliminating the challenge of manual record-keeping.

Document Expiry Reminders

Ensure compliance by receiving timely reminders for document expirations, avoiding potential disruptions in service delivery.

Employee's Performance Review

Streamline performance evaluations to nurture a culture of continuous improvement and professional development.

Birthday and Work Anniversary Greetings

Foster a positive workplace culture with automated greetings, promoting employee engagement and participant connections.


Managing support teams is now simpler than ever with our simple interface. Gain a comprehensive overview of your team’s availability, enabling effortless assignment of the most suitable individuals to clients. 

Deactivating Worker

Effortlessly manage workforce changes by deactivating workers when needed, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.
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